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Think farm fresh produce,
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Welcome to Orchard Farm Shop - Norfolk

Established for 6 years, we are a professional farm butchery company based in Norwich, Norfolk. We provide a wide range of services including:

Stuffed chicken breasts with sausagemeat and onion or stilton cheese wrapped in streaky bacon Chicken thighs with a herby stuffing or sausagemeat and onion wrapped in bacon Stuffed pork chops with various fillings, chicken stir fry or pork. All meats can be cut to order. We also stock a range of jams, pickles, jellies and sauces produced locally. Local apple juices and honey..

Orchard Farm Shop Farm Fresh Meats Cambridgeshire Norfolk

Farm Fresh Meats Norfolk

All work is carried out with the customers needs in mind, from start to finish, we always ensure that all of our work is carried out with the upmost professionalism and to the highest standards as we pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy and delivering their requirements.

We supply Farm Fresh Meats from High Grade Pork to Quality Beef at our Quality Meat Farm you get the best produce in Norfolk.

Our Farm Fresh Meats are unbeatable, everything is handled with care. Our High Grade Pork is something to be desired so dont be worried when purchasing your produce from Orchards Quality Meat Farm.

Quality butcher produce, high grade farm fresh meats

Have you got a question for us? Call us on 01508 480 369 or send us and enquiry.

Where can I buy meat in bulk?

Well sell fresh produce in bulk. Contact us for more information.

For more information, give us a call now on 01508480369 or view our enquiry page to send an email direct to us.

Five reasons to buy locally sourced meat instead of buying from supermarkets...


Happier Animals

That pot of beef stew or grilled chicken breast may cost a few cents more than if you shopped at Costco in bulk, but buying from a butcher has made us more appreciative of farm animals and more knowledgeable meat eater. from a butcher has made us more appreciative of farm animals and more knowledgeable meat eaters.


Always Know What Your Getting

Buying locally means the food is much fresher, and has not had any preservatives or fillers added. This means that what you see is what you get, and your meat is free from any kind of addatives.


Bigger Selection / Better Quality

Local suppliers typically specialise in one thing meaning you often have a much better variety. This means you can get the cut you want in the exact ammount you want.


A Better, More Personal Service

Supermarkets are hardly personal, and buying your food should be. Buying from a local supplier offers a more personal service with better prices than supermarkets, and did we mention that the quality is better?


Support Local Business

By buying local produce you are supporting local business. Investing in local business' and helping them to flourish benefits the community in many ways, including providing jobs.

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